Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hat and Glasses

After many miles of running in rain, snow, sun and wind I have finally realised that although my trusty Buff can keep me warm in the cold and cool in the heat it cannot protect me against direct sun. During the Tanners a few weeks ago I found myself after with sunburn and with sore eyes from the glare, my running buddy George also mentioned how he got quite badly burnt after 10 hours and 50 miles in the sun last Sunday.....I took notice.

So tonight I went out to my local running shop and got myself a new running cap and a pair of sports
sunglasses. Easy thing to do I hear you say but I have to admit that buying these two pieces of kit have been as difficult as choosing a pair of running shoes!

Remember, these pieces of kit have got to be with you for a long time and one thing I wanted was a pair of vented sports glasses. A lot of glasses are designed to wrap around the face and cause a seal between the frame and the brow, if you slow down it causes sweat to form as condensation on the glass which will only go away if you speed up or move the glasses off the bridge of your nose, this is further exacerbated it the peak of the hat causes another seal above it!

I have therefore spent a little time finding a pair of glasses with a vented frame where there is a gap between the frame and the glass and a peaked cap that sits away from the frame.

I promise you, it is important to take time to make these decisions, I have had pieces of kit that have really frustrated me and all I want is peace of mind so I can concentrate on running a good race.

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