Thursday, 30 July 2009

Squidge, squidge

"WHAT?" I hear you say dear reader "What is Jerry going on about?"

Well it appears that I didn't get away scot free last Saturday as I discovered my big toe is my weak spot, especially after I stubbed it a few months ago. The continued pounding on the pathways of Faversham Rec must have bruised it and then Tuesday's run finished it off as it was blackened. Tonight as I ran a nice easy 11 mile trail and road run I felt this funny feeling of "squidge, squidge, squidge" and then realised the darn thing must have split. Yep, you've got it the nail had risen off slightly to let all the gloop out.

So it is covered in melonin and tape now hoping iy will harden up soon as I have to do another 10 miler and a 22 mile run on Sunday.....ggggrrrrr it is always the silly little things

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