Tuesday, 21 July 2009

What a stink!

As per usual I left my post run vest in the utility room sink to await the next wash but due to the back log caused by me not plumbing in the new washing machine in it lay there (along with two others) for three days!!!!

I finished the works and went to chuck my kit into the washing machine tonight and was taken aback by the overpowering smell of ammonia that evaded the vests and my shorts and I mean overpowering. My wife has mentioned it a few times and I have taken it on board as a typical breakdown of proteins during my more longer runs but have to say it is coming more and more common over recent weeks as my mileage ramps up towards a series of ultras.

My diet is pretty good with a good blend of carbohydrates and protein, the latter reducing in favour of the former. However, I am now thinking that I will have to start taken onboard proteins during my longer runs of more than 3 hours....I now have to decide what to use. Ideas any one?

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