Sunday, 9 August 2009

Are you training for an ultramarathon?

That was the question I got asked this evening whilst on a rather hilly road training run! I was running out to my sister's house to pick up a t-shirt and CD of pictures taken at the 3 Peaks Challenge we took part in, in June when I was aware of a cyclist coming up behind me, he shouted

"Are you training for an ultramarathon?"
"Yes" [pant, pant]
"Cool, which one?"
"London to Brighton in September"
"Wow that is brilliant, how are you feeling?"
"Hot but OK"
"How do you feel without running in the pack?
"Not too bad, it can be great sometimes"
"Good luck to you, see you later"........and he was gone, just like that!

It occurred to me that he must have picked up on the idea of me as an ultrarunner when he saw my kit as I was wearing by backpack, bottle belt, Buff, cap and glasses. Nice of him to pick up on it anyway and spare some time to have a chat, nice bloke.

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