Sunday, 2 August 2009

Crayford Marshes

As per usual we went out for our obligatory Sunday morning run and this time was informed by George that he had discovered a new route he wanted to explore and had a map!!!!

So this morning when he got in the car he gave me directions to the Foots Cray Meadows and then pulled out of his pocket a scruffy old leaflet he had picked up from somewhere and told we were going to run along the Cray Riverway Path to Erith. By his calculations it would be about 9 miles there so a good round trip of 18 miles, undaunted by this we took flight and started to follow the River Cray (3 miles from its source) to run through the expanses of the Crays, Crayford, Bexley through the Crayford Marshes to Erith.

As you can imagine it was along a riverway so the run was effectively flat all the way there and through some of the industrial wastegrounds of North Kent, in fact it was decribed at one point in the run as the Arse Wipe of Kent. Scenic in some ways but desolate in others. Never did I think I would say "George I am just going to get some shade behind those lorry carcasses"

I am being too hard on George, it was a great run, a real change from our usual Downs runs we take and showed us some new places around the locality I would not normally go.

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