Friday, 28 August 2009

Big Bad Wolfe

For some reason I have had feelings of dread about tonight's run, I suppose it is because I am coming to the end of my training plan and the taper starts for London to Brighton next week.

I planned to run 13.1 miles last night and tonight I planned the same distance but on one of my set routes on the road, so I left for Greenwich Park with a plan to take it steady and arrive at General Wolfe's statue by the Royal Observatory. It is not the most picturesque of runs but what with the shorter evenings and my tiredness it was by far the safest. I soon arrived at the park and surveyed the vista from the viewpoint enjoying the sunset in the West of London and then returned from whence I came.

What makes yesterday's and today's run so good is that I ran the same distance for both, 13.1 miles and also took exactly the same time 1:48:00 which works out to be a 3:36:00 marathon......without trying and running on extremely tired legs...I think I could crack a good marathon out if I rest up but that is for another time.

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