Monday, 31 August 2009

Crazy Horse

Some recent advice to me was when in a field of horses or cows try not to run or cause too much excitement as they are inquisitive animals.

So take some time to visualise the scene and the characters therein; George, rested but was in the latter stages of a gruesome back to back (18 the day before and currently 10 miles into the next one),
Jerry running at the far end of a 52 mile 7 day stretch, the day is hot, the trail tough and we enter a field with a lone horse, remembering the advice above we slowed down, chattered quietly to the horse, passed it and sighed some relief as it did nothing.

It then turned, followed us and gained so I sped up, George sped up, I said "I don't care I am going first" and got to the stile first, clambered over it to hear George hoot out with a laugh, I looked around to see the bottom of George's running shoe coming towards me at head height and the vision of the horse snapping out trying to bite his arse.

George is safe but what a vision!!!!! It is no longer ultraGeorge but ultraHurdlerGeorge

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