Saturday, 8 August 2009

Kid in a candy store

So there I was with my £40 Cotswold gift vouchers in the store and the various pieces of equipment lay out ahead of me, a wishlist of things I would like in my hand (which is why I am so chuffed with my vouchers)

Wish List

  1. Headtorch
  2. Bottle harness to attach to straps of back pack
  3. Posh compass
  4. Waterproof Map bag (If anyone finds one at the Nine Edges in the layby carpark near the start, it is mine)

So I start at the Headtorches, some really cool ones with loads of power, different types, halogen, LED, AAA or AA batteries, high beam, low beam, boost button, forehead went on and I felt after 10 minutes that the camp bed in the display needed testing. So I moved onto bottle harnesses, met with blank look from assistant so moved to compasses, hmmmm lots of nice compasses and I saw a really cool one with the map case but if I bought them I wouldn't get a very good headtorch

So I gave up, I am sure there will be a sale soon and I don't need a head torch quite yet but I will need the map bag especially if it rains like it did last September, so maybe I should get the bag and get the headtorch next payday but is one with a 75 metre range really necessary....yes as long as I have a clear view of 15-20 feet ahead of me but I will have to carry spare batteries so should I get one with less power that doesn't need spare batteries.

Eldest daughter saw the Buffs and then decided to distract me as I started talking about colours so went back to the headtorches.........

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