Saturday, 22 August 2009

Money well spent

Last nights fall finally focussed my mind that I needed to purchase that headtorch I have been whittering on about for so long and the evenings are not getting any lighter now. So after going to the chemists for some steristrips and patching my leg up (which is quite a nasty gash) I armed myself with my Cotswold vouchers and drove to the local shop. I was really pleased when I found that they were having a sale and the headtorch I wanted was reduced by £10 which allowed me to buy a space blanket and an OS Map 135 covering the Ashdown Forest.

My new headtorch has the following ranges
  • Maximum- 35 metres
  • Optimum - 27 metres
  • Economy - 18 metres
  • BOOST - 50 metres
More than enough for my expeditions

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