Thursday, 20 August 2009

One month to go...

It is getting really exciting now, most of the training has been done, the last mileage increase is during the next 2.5 weeks maxing out at about 58-60 miles and then a lovely slow, 3 week taper.

Did some map reading practice at the weekend and feeling a lot happier

My map, race number and tag have arrived on the door step and Mike, George and I will be meeting up at my house to put the final plans together for the day, watch this space


  1. Any pre-race targets/predictions? Interesting blog by the way.

  2. Hi FS,
    Good question about pace and targets, the three of us doing London to Brighton are all very competent runners but one is a real race snake, very fast on the middle distances (10 and 13.1 miles) and we have to agree pace very soon.
    I think there is a possibility of doing it way under 12 hours, I think it safe we call it that for the moment as there are some very tough sections especially Ditchling Beacon which is at mile 48....that needs respect. The thing that will slow us down is the map reading aspect, if I do say so myself, I am pretty good but at around 40 miles the brain does go a bit mushy so we will have to be very careful.