Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Plod Plod ZOOM

That is how I felt last night when I started off from the house to go to the Club, it was a real strain to put on my kit and just get through the door. As I started off I felt every muscle and sinew in my body complain miserably and was only about 1/2 mile up the road thinking about turning around... but no, I struggled on even though it felt like I was running in a deep sea diver's suit

I decided to take a round about route through the woods and took it really easily across the trails until I arrived my legs feeling a bit better by then.

Then came the group run and it was decided to run a steady, easy pace which after 2 miles suddenly upped for another mile and then we hit a long, steady hill that is hard work at the best of times. At the top we rested up for a minute and we all ran off until we hit the main road where we normally split away and race each other back to HQ. I broke away early and tempoed off and then I really hit a pace and was astounded to see I was running at sub 7 min/miles at one point and still had some gas in reserve, I pulled off sufficient to beat everyone back :-)

Still not sure where that last burst came from but it really goes to show that just because your legs ache, doesn't mean you have no energy.

Anyway, last week of Long training and then a taper so will have to take it easy, don't want injuries now.

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