Thursday, 27 August 2009

Shiny eyes

Decided to go out for a 13 mile run tonight, I had no plan apart from taking my new headtorch in case I stayed out past sundown. At about 8.15pm I cut from road to woodland path and put my headtorch on, wow, I was happily doing 8:30 min/miles down a trail covered by trees and feeling very comfortable and safe, it was even better about half an hour later down a notorious alleyway which I navigated with ease.

The only scary thing was THE EYES, the scary eyes. Out from every nook and cranny in the woods I could see green or yellow eyes up ahead looking at me and then disappear....gulp.

Don't think I will do this all the time but it is really good to know that it could get me out of a little bother if I stay in the woods too long.

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