Monday, 10 August 2009

So tired

I didn't do a massive week of running last week but all the extra walking in Paris + 49 miles of trail and hill running has taken its toll.

Last nights run involved a quick run up to my Sister and Brother-in-Law's house to pick up a few items and then come home...fine plan but coming home so late meant I didn't really want to eat a full meal so snacked and drank some banana milkshake and some Lucozade. This morning we were up bright and early to go to London and we just had time for a quick bowl of cereal.

We got back this afternoon, had a sandwich and then I felt quite ill, cold sweats and my legs really ached. I thought this was ridiculous as I have had heavier weeks than this but I think it totally down to not eating properly and I was completely burnt out. So tonight, I have had a massive plate of homemade fish pie with extra peas and mashed potato and a enormous helping of homemade apple pie with double cream, custard AND icecream, beginning to feel human again. I just have to remember to eat properly.

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