Sunday, 23 August 2009

Ultrarunners food

I was instructed by Mrs Jerry that I was to take the family down to Hastings for a day by the sea today so there was no hope of a early morning run as we had to leave reasonably early. However, like every ultrarunner, I had a cunning plan!!!!

The Cunning Plan
On hearing of this outing I calculated a 21 mile route from one of the junctions of the A21, so have a day out and on the way back they could dump me out, which happened to be a mile or so south of Knowle Park in Sevenoaks and then map read it onto the North Downs Way and make my way home.

All I did in preparation was have a scrumptious fish and chip meal in the Mermaid Cafe on Hastings seafront, a rest on the beach.

An extremely tough run not helped by the 26 degree centigrade heat and a very tough ascent of the Downs at Chevening, that is one gritty ascent made so much more difficult by a herd of enormous Fresian cows getting in the way at Chevening but nothing I haven't dealt with before but ye gads, that ascent is tough.

Great run, my leg is still very sore and it is more the muscle that is bruised from the trip than the actual cuts, will rest up and see how it feels for Tuesday evening when I am due an easy 10 miles.

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