Saturday, 5 September 2009

Battle of the (race) shirt

You know the problem dear reader, you have a little lie in on a Saturday morning, after all, it has been a busy week, and then there is a call to arms when you find you have to leave the house in 45 minutes to drive your other half to work.

You realise that no shirts are ironed so you open the drawer and there in all its pride is one of your favourite polo shirts recently given to you at the end of a prized race.....Faversham Ultra. Proudly donning said shirt you run down the stairs to be scolded by your other half "Get that bloody shirt off you look like a pool attendant you're not going to the shops like that" mild grumbling get's met with withering comments so you traipse upstairs to look for another shirt......

.....there in the drawer you find another prized t-shirt, this one grey with a small logo on the front but with "DOYEN OF THE DOWNS 2008" emblazened on the back. All you need to do is keep your back to the wall when talking to the other half and all should be OK.

So Mrs Jerry may have refused one shirt but I still was able to get away with wearing one of my favourite race shirts to the shops. You can't keep a good runner down :-)

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