Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Getting the right mix

Tapering is going to be hard this and next week and I am only into my second week! Mileage is slowly dropping but running seems more difficult, I am assuming that this is my body adapting and healing. The little niggles are slowly going but I still have that feeling that I want to race down the road and do a 20 mile run....not quite caged tiger but getting there.

Tonight is an example, I ran the 2 miles and bit to the club, saw two runners ahead of me and decided that I would chase them down, within 1/2 mile they were eating my dust. Up ahead another innocent jogger became my prey and was taken down without a backward glimpse.....all for what?

The club run, 4.5 miles of Easy running and once we were over that a few of us ran off to get involved in an epic 1.7 mile tactically executed mini-race between us which involved taken a couple out on the hill near the end....

So I suppose the miles are down but the effort has now turned up a bit...just got to be careful not to get injured, got to get the mix right.

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