Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Here we go again

...and so an epic race ends now another starts, Caesar's Camp 50 miler!

A little glitch in the race calendar proved to me that my planning can be a little problematic and have now realised that Caesar's is only 2 weeks away and not 3!

This run is thankfully a multi-lap cross-country race that bodes well for us as we can at least do this without family and friends as supporters and will allow us to run self-sufficiently. So many lessons have been learnt on Sunday that it is going to take little time to assimilate them. Ideas rushing around my head are to use the following:

  • Banana milkshakes - YES
  • Fresh oranges in quarters - YES
  • Fresh bananas - NO
  • Salted potato wedges - YES
  • Carb Gels - YES but limited
  • Sweet tea - YES
I have also learnt a new trick to set my Garmin to vibrate every 15 minutes so that I can feed something I failed to do at L2B and suffered as a and learn

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