Sunday, 27 September 2009


I was out in the front of the house and had a SOB job to do of cutting down some 70 year old ivy that had entangled itself of the gate posts which resorted to me having to use a reciprocating saw, rope and a bow saw when I was just about to finish the job the when our little 5 year old neighbour ran out of his driveway to see what I was doing.

"Wow Jerry that is great, what you doing?" he exclaimed

"Yes Sam, I need a medal for this tree cutting"

To which young Sam said "Hold on Jerry, I'll get Dad"

So I was left to carry on my work but a few minutes later Sam and his Dad returned but this time Sam was holding a HUGE silver cup and had a medal around his neck "Look what I got for Judo Jerry" so getting off the ladder I went over and it appears young Sam had received a medal and cup "For the best Player of the week" and it was obvious that he was extremely proud.

I asked him if he wanted to see my medal and then went inside to fetch it, going back in the hall to the front door, Sam was standing there and went "Wow what is that for?" I said "I ran to the seaside last week" he exclaimed "To the seaside wow" and looked in awe at my medal

We went out into the courtyard and Sam shouted "Here Dad, Jerry's got a medal, not as good as mine 'cos mine is gold and I have a cup and his is only brown(bronze)"

I have to admit, Sam's medal was much better but who am I to argue with a 5 year old

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