Wednesday, 23 September 2009

New Plans are published

So only after 3 days the new training plans have been finalised up to 16th January 2010! So what is happening in the next 3 months. What makes it different from the other training plans now is the back to backs are still there but the Sunday runs really push the envelope. I realised that there had to be a little bit more push to around the upper 50 mile weeks to get the legs toughened as I was suffering around 35 miles into a run or my new secondary Wall. I'll see how it goes but there are some interesting cycle down weeks.

  1. Caesar's Camp - 50 mile trail (3rd October 2009)
  2. Greensands Marathon - 26.2 mile trail and hill ( 25th October 2009)
  3. Gatliff Challenge - 50 kilometres - Trail (29th November 2009)
  4. Country to City - 45 mile - Trail/canal race (16th January 2010)
Serious runs.....bring it on

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