Friday, 4 September 2009


Off I went for my usual Friday evening run around the woods and off to the nature reserve and back, it is usually quiet around this time and I can get around the 10 miles with probably seeing 2 dog walkers and possibly another runner. It didn't start too well when at one point I saw 10 teenage kids hanging around smoking dope and drinking beer down by the river, a mile later 5 mountain bikers overtaking me and then another half a mile two friends, so in a matter of 2 miles 17 people. Having met them we ran off together to yet again be overtaken by the bloody mountain bikers.

Saying my goodbyes to the friends I pottered off for the rest of my run and eventually dropped onto the road as it was darkening and finished my run on the boring road.

Feel good tonight, tapering going well but the body is tired and looking forward to the further drop in miles as my body strengthens.

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