Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Beachy Head Weather

Here it comes the messages are being sent around the forums that the weather forecast is looking a bit crazy for Saturday in Eastbourne. It looks like we have heavy rain, 17 °C and quite strong winds. Looks like it is going to quite cool with the wind so may have to think about my kit a bit more seriously maybe trail shoes and my windproof smock will do the job.


  1. Jerry ... mind how you go at the Beachy Head run. Sounds like the forecast is changing daily at the moment so pack for all eventualities and see what it is actually like on the morning when you get down to the start. Have a good run... Martin

  2. Thanks Martin,
    I am a little worried about it as it is going to be slippery on the chalky paths and probably quite cool on the middle section if it is windy.