Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cold hands means...

...need gloves!

I went out at about 6.00pm tonight for my planned long run, no set route in mind but I planned to run for about 2.5 hours so I took my headtorch, my red bike light (attached to my pack), gloves and waterproof.

I started out wearing the waterproof but after about a mile I took it off as I was feeling a tad warm and continued off into the evening. A nice 17-18 mile run out into the country but as you can see that by leaving it so late it soon became dark very soon and with it the temperatures dropped as I moved into the more rural areas. I must have given some drivers a bit of a shock as I ran along pitch black country roads with by headtorch blazing out but I felt safe as the moved around me.

About 2 hours into the run I was beginning to feel quite cold so decided to take a cut through and head off home and getting through the front door was ordered to take a hot bath, I thought it was because I was smelly but my wife pointed to my hands which had blue nails and I apparently looked as pale as a ghost. I started to shiver so made a mug of hot sweet tea and went to the bathroom.

It has really hit home that autumn and winter are fast approaching and I better start getting my winter kit out and ready for use especially if I am out for more than 90 minutes in length.

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