Sunday, 25 October 2009

Double whammy - 50 km weekend

Busy day doing things with the family and I noted a little tightness in my hips so decided to go out for a brief recovery run.

So late this evening I chucked on my kit and stepped of the house for a gently paced run, first to return a DVD to the shop and then to carry on to see how I felt. I ran the first few miles without a problem but felt "a bit uncomfy" down below but thought I should carry on and get home as best as I could. At 4 miles I had terrible stomach cramps and had to cut my run short and run as fast as I could to home where I go to the loo....just in time.

No big problems, I think it is just a combination of carb-loading a busy running weekend, quite pleased with my recovery though...

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