Monday, 12 October 2009

Glow in the dark

Crappy day at work today, something broke and it took me 5.5 hours to find out what it was and 5 minutes to fix it when I did. There was a general plan in my head to run a 10 miler up some hills to Keston but for a laugh take my headtorch and an old rear bike lamp I found during a run once which would be stuffed into my backpack.

At mile 5 I had to go down a side road by the ponds and realised that there were no street lamps so my headtorch was put on and WOW, it was absolutely brilliant (pun intended) and I was able to confidently run at a good pace to the end.....I have a feeling I gave the courting couple in the car the shock of their lives as I thundered past and seeing a bodiless head floating by their car!

Hamstring gave a little warning near the top of the hill telling me it isn't quite ready for a full blown 20 miler quite yet.

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