Thursday, 15 October 2009

Grit your teeth

Busy day at work again, luckily more mental stuff than physical and was just writing some fancy computer code to make my life easier. As I was busy I didn't really have time to work out my route so in the end went for an old favourite 12 mile set piece up to Blackheath near to the start of the London to Brighton and back home again.

I have worked out that I have run 39.7 miles in the last 5 days which is some going considering I have just got back into the groove again after L2B and Caesar's and was not surprised when I got to mile 10 tonight, after blatting out a time of 76 minutes (or 7:36 min/miles) I blew up BBBBOOOOOOMMMM just as I reached the hill that ascends for 1 mile. I felt as though all the energy had suddenly drained from my legs and all I could do was just move forward slowly....trot, trot, trot.

At the top of the hill and seeing a runner about 400 yards ahead of me I caught a second wind and went belting off for home and was amazed to see after my little crash I was now pacing out at sub 7:30 min/mile pace and overtook the other runner some way down the hill.

It is getting a little hardcore now and just wish I could keep the stamina up during the latter hilly sections but I am putting it down to all the extra training.

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