Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Heat Treatment

After many reminders from my fellow runners and friends I am desperately trying to be "a good little runner" and start listening to their advice.

It has been just over 72 hours since the injury and I can feel the swelling has gone down well in the hamstring area of my right knee and is still a little tender to touch. Walking and climbing stairs is fine but it does feel little troublesome if I have sat down for about an hour and then get up, this is probably caused by the tendon shortening.

I can see no benefit of icing the region now so I have gone to stage 2 and bought some Deep Heat patches from the supermarket. I have taped one to the bottom of my quad covering the tendon and it is just giving off a gentle heat and evn after about 30 minutes I can feel the area relax, hopefully the warmth will help the blood flow and get to repairing the injury, here's hoping.

1 comment:

  1. Get an ice pack and a hot water bottle. Alternative between the two for the best effect. You need to keep doing this for a long time after the injury.