Saturday, 17 October 2009

KFC - Keep Fingers Crossed

Today didn't start off well and got worse as the day went on. It was soon to come obvious that running was just not going to happen and it soon turned into my and being the taxi for everyone.

Lunch was even rushed as I had to jump between things and it was then decided late this evening that we apparently had to go to Bluewater to get a present for my Mum. In the shops we got the shopping done but were all ravenous and this is where it went all terribly wrong in a moment of weakness I agreed to eat a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal the first for over 3 years!!!

I ate a Zinger Tower Burger and now totally regret it, 716 calories of salt and fat even though I have had a pint of orange squash I have a thumping headache and feel quite sick......Now I know why I haven't eaten one for so long.

Me thinks I will be running tomorrow morning just to try and burn off this horrific meal.

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