Monday, 5 October 2009

Neuro-linguistic programming

I was interested to read in a forum of a guy who was about to run the Tooting Bec 24 hour ultrarun, he said:

I need to do some very serious mental preparation in the coming 2 weeks. Self hypnosis and lots of NLP will be used to prepare for the pain and to condition my mind to carry on when my body is screaming to stop. NLP can be very powerful indeed.

After reading this I realised that unbeknownst me I too use a form of neuro-linguistics when I run my long runs. You may have noticed in my earlier publications I use the the mantras or small catch phrases such as "Listen to everybody, follow nobody" or "The hills are my friends"or even "If you want to be running at 50 miles you have to be walking at 5", that and many more

On Saturday, I had decided I wanted to run the majority of my race by myself and be that it was such a hard course needed my whits about me at all times and not be distracted by other runners and soon found myself going into the zone and then realised that I was repeating some of my sayings in my head especially when up some of the SOB hills.

I caught one guy up and he started bemoaning his painful feet or how he felt as though it was all going wrong...I just said to him "Sorry mate, you are too negative for my run" and left him behind. Yes, I suppose I could have said something to buck him up but as soon as the negativity sets in it can become infectious, stick with the positive mental attitude, however tough things become.

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  1. I like "No guts, no glory". I find myself saying that alot towards the end of ultras.