Saturday, 3 October 2009

Pulled Hamstring

I was having a great race today, the trail tough, very tough and I was up for a good time. I was on for 2 hour laps of a very tough course at Caesar's Camp when I started to get a nagging pain in my hamstring which got worse from mile 13 and it was only until I stumbled slightly that I then got a horrific, sharp pain from knee to buttock that would not go away. I sadly had to pull out at 20 miles.

I am still in a bit of pain but will just have to rest up and be a bit sensible about my where are those ibuprofen tablets?


  1. Bummer Jerry. Sorry it didn't go as planned.

  2. Honestly mate, the London to Brighton wasn't that long ago and there's no way you could have recovered in time. Hats off for giving it a go though. Now rest up and get yourself properly ready for the next challenge.

  3. That sounds bad so you had better get that checked out