Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Race Director

I was planning to do 6-8 miles tonight but just as I was about to pack up at work and go home I found out that the usual timekeeper for the club's 5km time trial wanted to run herself so was looking for a replacement....I decided to take on the challenge.

So the plan changed and I decided to run to the club but just for a laugh through the woods with my headtorch along the lower river path.... I need to check my sanity but there is something quite surreal running at pace in a halo of light. One good thing I have learnt is that the condensation from my breath flits into the light beam causing a temporary whiteout which is a bit dangerous due to the trip hazards. Solution...put my Buff over my mouth and nose..easy.

At the club I had a very enjoyable time sending 55 people off in a phased, handicap start for their runs then provide them with their position stickers and help get the times down. All back safe with some incredible running times I left them all behind to complete my run and went off on a belter of a run for another 4 or so miles...enough was enough as there was a home made apple strudel waiting for me at home.

BTW The training times for the last 3 days back to back works out that I could, with the right road course do a sub 3:30 marathon :-)

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  1. Thank you for the words of encouragement last night and good luck with that sub-3:30 marathon.