Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Red Lining

Tonight was club night and these days I invariably take a gentle run to the meeting place and then go for a mid-paced run of about 6-7 miles. It was no different tonight but as I left my house I felt the legs were still a biy achy after Saturday but within a mile they had settled down and I was soon pacing off up the hill muscles warming up nicely a gentle run soon forgotten.

At the club I joined in my usual group and immediately noticed that the pace was 30 seconds per mile faster in the early stages of the run and continued at this pace until we got to 4 miles when we were released to free run back to base. I was aware of a new runner in the group who overtook me on a steep hill and then the gauntlet was down, the race between us began. Paced out, shoulder-to-shoulder we ran. My heart rate was through the roof but I continued on overtaking her on a crossing but all I could hear were her feet thumping nearby behind me, was she playing the waiting game...? How dare she, that is my tactic so I raised the pace soon realising the pace was sub 7.00 min/mile. An up hill finish was in front of us and we paced up it to eventually get to the cross-roads the unofficial finish line......a red line run towards the end, I heard her mention a re-run soon, can't wait :-)

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