Saturday, 10 October 2009

Run Rabbit Run

Busy day on Sunday, I am marshalling for at the local clubs 10 km race and have volunteered for the fun job of being responsible for handing out Jelly Beans and Jelly Babies at the half way mark!

I still want to get a run in so I am getting up at 5.45 am 6.45 am, quick breakfast with coffee and then try to get in 10-12 5 miles before setting up duties at the start, get the photographer in place and then run to my allotted position, do my stuff with the beans and babies then run home via the nature reserve..

I reckon I should get about 1612 miles in tomorrow which will be a good workout in between training plans.

As Roger Waters said Run, Rabbit Run......this is a great song for you Ipod to listen to after 15 miles in the rain

MTA Slight changes to plan after a later start ;-)

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