Saturday, 10 October 2009

Sartorial Conundrum

OK, OK the showboat in me is coming out and I have just been packing my backpack for Sunday's jaunts (after all, you can't expect me to stand around in damp gear for an hour) ;-)

Mrs S was watching as I put a pair of trackies and a t-shirt into a stuff sack ready for the pack. She raised her eyes to the moon and tutted "If you must"

Interesting enough is I have noticed that the type of runs I do these days the organisers tend to offer polo shirts as part of the "prize pack" some really good quality but they do tend to get banned by the other half

The question is dear reader, what shirt will I showboat tomorrow? ;-)

and for extra marks, what ironic relevance has this post's image got to do with it?

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