Tuesday, 3 November 2009


A really weird thing happened today with my vision. I was in the office and was discussing some new widget we are building, nothing new just day-to-day work when I started to get this horrific visual distortion in my right eye which seemed to spread across in what can be described as a thick line into the left. It was as if I was looking through drops of water and shimmering.

Things that were going on just before this:

  1. Project deadline and a system error in the call centre software
  2. I had just eaten a ferrero rocher chocolate
  3. Slight eye infection

I don't suffer from migraines and was thinking that it may be a reaction to stress and/or the choccy. I soon found it impossible to do screen work so decided to leave the office and walk around the block.....it cleared up within minutes.

I am really hoping this was not stress related as this was one of the reasons I started running!

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