Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ducked Out

A crappy day at work meant that the only thing that could be salvaged was a nice run with the club, the chance of some "running banter" and then return home, do some chores and relax after all I had been on call for over a month and needed to relax.

I have 3 weeks to Gatliff (50 km) and any speed work was just going to rip my legs and screw up my training plan. It was only when I arrived at the club and got chatting that I realised that it was "Special Training" and involved a fartlek running around a 1 mile block.....not for me, not after Sunday's hard run so I ducked out and carried on to complete a 10 mile Tempo run.

My apologies to Martin, I didn't realise it was you until I was 30 yards down the road. Well at least I had the chance to catch up on the news from my friends and the run did the job.

1 comment:

  1. No apology required as I guessed you decided that the special training laps were not for you. I managed to do 3 laps and started to feel a tightness in the groin so stopped before it aggrevated it.