Friday, 27 November 2009

Few days to go

This is a little experiment...will the image change as the weather changes?

I am feeling pretty good after day 2 of resting up before Sunday's 50km run. I made a bit of an error before Beachy Head being a little blasé about the effort required so still focussing on the small matter that Gatliff Marathon is a very tough run apparently and I must carb load more carefully.

I have to into consideration also that the weather does not look too clever on Sunday with showers expected, no problem with that as we have trained hard recently in bad weather but it will make going tough if we are moved up onto the chalk and greensand high ground. Positive thoughts now, I am looking forward to Sunday and the Saturday Sunday after at Arundel


  1. >>>> Saturday after at Arundel

    Are you sure it's on Saturday Jerry? Isn't it on Sunday?