Sunday, 22 November 2009

Manure happens!

Today's run started at Knockholt at about 7.00 am, it was not going to be one of our longer runs as we are tapering for an epic set of weekends which will see me running in 2 trail ultramarathons both about 50 km in length, that is for another time.

The recent rains and windy weather had caused some very minor local flooding on the North Downs Way which had us jumping the puddles and slipping and sliding on some precarious paths of mud and chalk. One field about a mile into the run gave me cause for concern when whilst ankle deep in the mud began to realise that all was not what it seemed when I compared the colour of this "mud" to the colour of the surrounding fields and then spotted a large pile of seasoned horse shit manure slightly off the track....then I could smell it....yyuukkk.

Anyway, as usual a very comfy, if less heroic run, compared to our most recent adventures which took us along the NDW and then down to the Pilgrims' Way. This route proved to be very undulating and a great cardiovascular workout, the Garmin had it down to a perfect 13.1 mile or a nice half marathon.

Shoes have been chucked in a bucket of water, scrubbed, padded with paper and left to dry naturally. This was just a way to stop the stench!

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