Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Mystery Man

I was out on a club run last night in a pack of about 15-20 runners and was running up a long, shallow hill when about 100 yards ahead I saw another runner coming in from a side road and stop to look at us. I had never met this man before but by his demeanour and general kit he was a serious runner.

I greeted him and asked if he wanted to join in which he did so but said he felt like a turn coat as he was from another club (my secondary affiliated club) so we chattered about some superficial running stuff and the fact I raced under their colours when doing long distance stuff.

He asked me which race I was doing next, told him Gatliff .

A little later he said "This is my turn off, I'll see you later Jerry, I am glad London to Brighton went well!" and the disappeared up the side road.

Spookily, at no time did I mention my name or London to Brighton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my theories how he knows but wow what a small world.

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