Saturday, 7 November 2009

Run v Life

Training plan said Friday was a 10 mile Easy run which I was happy to do although if I am truthful with myself would have been as flat as possible if how I was feeling at lunch time was anything to go by.

Mrs S rang during the day and told me that by pain of emasculation I was to go to a party on Friday evening but we also had to get the Jezzarettes to the local fireworks display to meet there friends by 7.00 pm so that looked like the end of my planned run...

Bestill your fluttering heart dear reader, bestill, this ultrarunner has a few tricks up his running vest sleeve. Why not reduce the distance but increase the intensity? You know it may work and no way was I going to miss my how did I do it?

The easiest option was to make time...I was able to take back an hour "owed" to me from work and take the early train home. Once home I got kitted up and ran a blinding 5 mile hill run with a 1 miles[ish] cool down both at near PB times.

Back home, fried egg with crispy bacon, the perfect stomach lining for a few ciders and a glass of wine at the party with a ton of fireworks and laughs, a good end to a stressful week and wifey happy.

I am really chuffed my 5 mile time was great considering but just need to be mindful of speed work.

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