Saturday, 14 November 2009

Wild Running

I picked up George at 6.45 am and due to time constraints I drove as fast as I could to the nearest bit of countryside and arrived at the car park at 7.00am just as it was being unlocked. As we arrived the first drops of rain started falling and saw us scampering around the car getting our gear and rucksacks on. By now the wind had picked up and we traipsed off still thinking where actually we were going to run but only had 2½ hours. Crossing the A21 towards Shoreham we soon found the night's rain and wind had made the chalk bedrock as slippy as ice so we chose to run parallel to the contours to drop down onto the floor of the Darenth Valley and take a path we had never taken and use our knowledge of the terrain to skirt the valley northwards to see if we could get to a village called Eynsford.

We saw another footpath that, unbeknownst to us, took us up a 10-12% gradient which had my heart rate up and us leaning on our knees for purchase and at the top we were met by the next wave of rain and powerful winds this was to be the first of many hills.

We soon found ourselves in Eynsford and we then came on familiar ground and were met by the River Darent, full to capacity and then the kid in me came out as I shouted "I will, if you will" and ran at full pelt into and across the ford, water at groin height with me screaming with laughter. George stood at the side not sure what to do, he soon gave in and ran across gasping "Wow that was so freeing" with a big grin on his face...I just told him that there was only me to see it so losen up

The next 8 miles went like a flash literally as we ran along the valley floor with thunder rumbling from the distance and then a great flash of lightning and we were pelted by ¼ hailstones and saw us scampering for cover in the woods... BTW hailstones hurt!

We got back to the car with big grins, not our longest training runs at 14 miles but one of the wildest.....

Running is stupid

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