Sunday, 13 December 2009

Back on the road....again

Imagine the scene...Saturday evening, me running around the house getting my kit ready in a big pile so I can get dressed downstairs on Sunday morning ready for a 12-13 mile trail run in my new Nike Pegasus.

Now imagine the scene...Sunday morning, I wake up and look at the alarm clock saying 7.00 am, I grunt and roll morning run!

Andso that is how Sunday started, no incentive to get up and run but a ton of family stuff to do. Too many of my weekends taken up by running so it was indeed family time so today was about sorting the bathroom out for the builders but in the back of my mind I was still thinking of doing my run.

So this evening I donned my kit that was still in the pile from Saturday night and I went for a nice gentle 10 km run, no pressure just a plod around the local street, first stop the DVD shop and after that as far as I wanted without over stretching and also to check if all my injuries had settled down, they have and so I am back on track next week...can't wait.

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