Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas

A busy day started with my annual duty of Chief Chef and we went about creating a massive feast for 6 which included Turkey with all the trimmings, puddings and bottles of wine...delicious. I reckon it will take about 25 miles to burn off the excess calories and that doesn't include the extra glasses of port, cheese & biccies and the various selections of cake, nuts and chocolate.

After the Queen's speech we went about the serious business of present unwrapping and out of it came a new Ron Hill long-sleeved top (Hallelujah!) and some vouchers for the local running shop emporium .....and at last, a waterproof map of the North Downs, the other having deteriorated after a good few miles.

I am quite pleased as my gifts weren't all running related and involved a book and a DVD.

Looking forward to tomorrow when I go for a 16 miler as I can try out my new map and wear my new top.(shown above)

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