Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Slippery, slip, slip

After the weekend's woderful run the South East of England was hit by a reasonable dump of snow which unfortunately landed on wet ground and froze over night.

The temperature has been dropping steadily all day and there was the nagging thought in my head that this could be the last chance until after Christmas that I could get a run in. So on my return from work tonight I got kitted up and have gone for a 6-7 mile run around some of the main roads!

Amazing that although there was compacted snow on the pavements my new trail shoes really had a grip on it and I very few slippery moments although walkers that I passed were having a harder time. I have a feeling it was because I was going at speed and the shoe was able to dig into the snow and ice better.

In all, a nice little recovery run that has me set up for the week although I may have a shorter one on Christmas Eve if I have time.

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