Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunday Run

What a morning's run, the recent snows lay thick on the ground in North Kent this week and with it there promised the possibility of a brilliant run on the trails of the North Downs.

As is the norm these days my Sunday morning was met with a 6.00 am alarm but this time I seemed to bounce out of bed to a hot cup of coffee, the kit list I wore last Thursday had the addition of a pair of garderning gloves to try and keep a dry layer over my normal ones.

I picked George up and we zoomed off to Keston Ponds where Michael was awaiting our arrival in his car. The temperature was around -1 C and after a brief gathering of kit we went on our way along the route 2nd Stage of the London to Brighton to Tatsfield where we would cut East and joined the Pilgrim's Way until we reached Chevening. It was still dark as we traipsed off but the trails were quite visible in the pre-dawn light as fought warm up.

Some of the lesser used trails were still covered in a few inches of snow and was crisp underfoot making the going quite tough in places but it was well worth the effort as the sun finally came up and cast it warm glow over the snowy fields of the Downs.

At about 12 miles we stopped at Chevening Church where we pulled out a few snacks and I brought out my themos flask full of hot, sweet tea....scrumptious but a bit weird with a carb gel!

The journey continued but we had the tough ascent to the top of the Downs before settling onto the North Downs Way. The Way was lightly trodden and was rutted under the snow so we had to take care as we stepped through the various woods along it. We soon had a section of road to run and made good time through the slush to Downe where we went off road back to Keston.

A great 21-22 mile run for the three of us and one with some lovely Winter views..great.

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