Thursday, 17 December 2009

There's snow business... snow business. Or what to do when you receive a severe weather warning.

I had promised myself a run tonight come Hell or high water and for my sins I was given snow. The walk from the station told me it was best to wrap up warm so if anything it was a good night to test my winter kit.

Tonight I wore:

  • Thin Skin top
  • Tech Vest
  • OMM Kamleika Smock (waterproof layer)
  • Karrimor jacket (windproof layer)
  • Gloves
  • Tights and shorts
  • MOD Commando Watch Cap
I was warm for best part of the run as the multi-layer approach proved a good method on insulation.

The run started off best described as blustery but after about a mile the snow became apparent and after 3 miles, as I approached the outskirts of surburbia it was beginning to settle in the gulleys and begin to skid across the pavement in front of me.

The pavements began to thin, the gradient rise and the houses became more sporadic and so I decided to put on my head torch.

I "had" to run down a unlit
country road that takes you down past the famous Keston Ponds. The ponds were just beginning to freeze over around the central weedy parts and to assist the freeze there was a covering of snow just settling on the thin layer.

My headtorch was on full and the freeze hardened snow flakes were scintillating in its beam as my frozen breath danced in the wind between flurries of fairy-like dust.

This was the uppermost part of the run and I scuttled off down the main drag towards home forgetting my headtorch was on my head and as I went past a pub I was greeted a lone smoker sheltering in the doorway he shouted "You be careful Brother" so I aeroplane winged my arms to a whoop of joy from him followed by a lung wrenching rattly cough [his]

So, in all, a great run, kit was great although I may review the gloves as they were perfect when dry but may cause me problems if they get wet in the current temperatures.


  1. What were the gloves, out of interest?

  2. Hi Faraz,

    They are Nike Lightweights:

    After this run I wore a pair of gardening gloves over the top and was really warm so the trick of lots of layers really is true.

  3. Hi Jerry, How do you find the OMM Kamleika jacket overall? I know you have mentioned it in a couple of posts previously, and thought i'd ask. My mate has offered me his OMM Kamleika Smock (like this) which is essentially the same as the jacket but with half zip, for £50 but wondered whether it was worth it? it seems in good condition and as far as I'm aware he's had it about a year. thoughts?