Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back to Back

A race for the door before the snow came down was the order of the day here in Deepest, Darkest Kent.

All over the news today has been the story that snow was coming down from the North and was expected to be up to 10 inches deep in our area this meant the last proper run for a little while.

So out I went, the temperature hitting -2 centigrade as I left for a club run via a glittering woodland path lit by my trusty headtorch. I met up with some club buddies and we went for a cracking paced run out and then hill fartleks which I pulled out of to keep my legs happy for next week and then said my goodbyes to continue a tempo-paced run.

Soon enough the snow soon started and as I write it is already 1 inch deep...no more runs for me for a few days until it settles down but I am really pleased how my back-to-back has gone and a good 34 kilometres in the bag.

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