Monday, 4 January 2010

Brass Monkey

Apart from the opportunity of being able to post a picture of a pole dancer (doing the Brass Monkey) it was also to signify how cold it was tonight whilst out running. Mrs S was just leaving the drive in the car tonight as I arrived home and I could see the thermometer in the car was touching -3 centigrade but I know it was much lower on the outskirts of town.

This did not deter me as I was really looking forward to my run tonight as I nipped out in full winter kit out onto the roads for a steady paced run. I decided to wear my heart rate monitor and was happy to see it hanging around the 145-152 bpm perfect for burning off all those excess calories I have collected over Christmas.

It was a really comfy run and I feel so much happier than I did last week....phew

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