Sunday, 24 January 2010


I have just got an email from Mike Inkster about my entry to The Moonlight Challenge in February 2010.

My foot has been playing up over the past week since I ran at Wendover and I am just a tad worried about it although it has improved today after my run and a hot bath. I wrote to Mike telling him that I was carrying an injury and asked if it was OK for me to enter on the night of the challenge as I was unwilling to commit to the £30 entrace fee quite yet, here is the answer:


Thanks for the message. As you're so keen to come and play in the dark, mud and cold, I'll be more than happy to keep you a place - just in case you feel fit enough to be there. If you could let me know before hand that you're coming that would help as I can then have a number ready for you. However, if all else fails just turn up by 17.00 and we'll sort it out then. Good luck with the injury and hope to see you next month.


 Just the answer I was looking for, thanks Mike

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