Saturday, 30 January 2010

Distraction Techniques

You are allowed a quick guffaw whilst reading this but it does have serious side to it.

In recent times whilst running I have been very much on my own in dark, cold conditions, feeling decidedly uncomfortable either physically or mentally as I go for my goals. I think I have even commented on this previously how I can find myself so absorbed in my run that have I left a few people behind me when I went into autopilot mode.

Wednesday's run of last week was a perfect example of finding myself in a complete auto mode but this time it was because I had "put myself there!" This is where my friend the squirrel comes to help me.

Eddy the Squirrel comes out with me on runs and is often seen (in my minds eye) sitting gently on my shoulder, he has the ability to vortex (hence Eddy) and glide around my body to any place I choose for him to go. The ability for me to control his position also allows him to go to places that maybe hurting at that time or he may even go to other places so that I can "ignore" the pain. Eddy never talks, never argues but is a presence that is soothing to me.

Today, whilst Eddy was resting in my back pack, we were coming to the last 5 miles of a very tough run and we had two more steep valley crossings to do to get back to the car. George and I were happy not to chat at that point so I practiced "juggling" two imaginary silver balls which were orbitting my head and decided to stop for a quick wee, George stopped behind me and said "That is a nice view for someone to see from their bedroom window in the morning!"

I was so engrossed in my mental juggling that I had not noticed that I was taking a wee break opposite the only house within about 1/2 mile!

Although it sounds silly, it really does work with practice, just be careful not to do it by busy roads.

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