Saturday, 30 January 2010

Roman Run

Great run today exploring some of the more unusual aspects of Kent as we tried to navigate along the London-Lewes Roman road from Keston to Titsey.

The over night mixture of snow and a very hard frost made the paths and fields treacherous underfoot which many a twisted ankle and stumble along the way. There were a few mistakes in my map reading but in my defence it was quite difficult in the dark with a fine covering of snow in places so did pretty well considering the conditions.

The Roman road although visible was not much to look at and if you were to stand there without knowledge of its existence you would not have been able to spot it. Our little excursion took a little longer than expected but the training is taking its toll at the moment and we are just glad to get time on our feet and push through the current "running on tired legs" part of the training. I have added a Garmin download for you to look at, I have a feeling you will be able to spot the track of the road by its straightness.

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